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Who is RouteCall

RouteCall is an online trading system for VoIP traffic.

RouteCall is a market place where members can anonymously trade VoIP traffic. Our platform is used by many companies - from large international telecommunication companies, to small regional Internet telephony service providers.

VoIP Exchange RouteCall provides powerful web based tools that make trading process simple and easy.

RouteCall uses geographically dispersed infrastructure that ensures VoIP traffic travels in the most optimal way around the Globe providing the highest possible voice quality.

Why use VoIP Exchange RouteCall?

VoIP Exchange RouteCall allows you to simplify your VoIP traffic management. It is one stop shop for everyone's VoIP traffic termination needs. RouteCall leverages the gap between smaller and larger Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) eliminating concerns about heavy volume commitments usually required in order to gain access to more competitive pricing.

How does the RouteCall VoIP Exchange work?

Buyers build a personalized routing table by specifying VoIP supplier of their choice for each of the available destinations. The routing table can be altered on the fly to better suit buyers preferences in case of better offers become available at any time. VoIP traffic routing engine can be set to route calls based on different criteria such as lowest price, ASR/ACD values or statically locked to certain VoIP supplier.

The system can be configured to use multiple suppliers for each destination code allowing for both enhanced capacity and automatic failover between suppliers. In case of failures with one of the selected suppliers, RouteCall VoIP Exchange will transparently retry the connection with the next selected supplier, whithout nesecity of call to be retried by the initiator, greatly increasing call success rate.

How work RouteCall. leverages the gap between smaller and larger Internet telephony service providers.
You can use the tool below to perform a quick lookup of top providers based on cost.

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