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Buying on RouteCall is easy. You have full control over which provider to use for every single destination code and the choice of routing method for it.

Single Interconnect - Multiple Routes.

With RouteCall’s single interconnect to the world, buyers can also increase network utilization by reducing the number of interconnects.

Provider Selection:

You have the ability to define your own routing table for every phone code based on various factors like cost, quality, capacity, fax capability, caller ID support, ACD (average call duration) or ASR (average success rate).

Routing Engine Selection:

Routing engine is defined for each of the destination codes. This is a setting which determinates in what sequence call is being distributed to the selected VOIP providers. Routing can be based on least cost, best ASR, greatest ACD, or can be set to reject that specific code. Routing engine is the tool that lets you completely customize your call termination in a way it suits you best.

Technical Information:

VoIP protocol supported: SIP

Supported codecs: G711, G729, G723, G722, G726, GSM, iLBC

You can use the tool below to perform a quick lookup of top providers based on cost.

Phone code:

Destination name:
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