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You Can Sell!

RouteCall VoIP Exchange gives you opportunity to offer and sell your existing VoIP destinations if you have any and you want to provide VoIP termination services to the rest of the Exchange members.

RouteCall provides tools that let you determinate how you stand compared to the rest of RouteCall VoIP Exchange community.

Termination service earnings or the money collected from termination services, can either be paid back to you (the seller) or be used to buy other VoIP traffic back on the RouteCall VoIP Exchange.

Competitive Prices.

RouteCall provides Sellers with the market intelligence they need to manage their telecommunications business more effectively.

Sellers offering multiple destinations can take advantage of RouteCall’s analysis tool that allows sellers to upload or update full A-Z routing offers quickly and easily.

Pricing Seller defines is the same pricing all prospect buyers will see and compare against.

Easy Interconect.

You will be able to define multiple VoIP gateways with dedicated destination and price lists. If you offer same destinations via multiple gateways, RouteCall will allow you to use load balancing between them for increased availability.

RouteCall VoIP Exchange supports SIP as VoIP protocol using the following codecs: G711, G729, G723, G722, G726, GSM and iLBC.

You can use the tool below to perform a quick lookup of top providers based on cost.

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